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One Network News - Paul Holmes Meets Margaret Thatcher

Television (Full Length) – 1993

In 1993 Paul Holmes travelled to the UK to meet Margaret Thatcher, who had recently authored "clear and vivid" memoir The Downing Street Years. In this hour-long interview, the outspoken former PM talks NZ anti-nuclear policy (bad), Communism (evil), and sanctions in South Africa (pointless). The horrors of Bosnia, she argues, show what happens when consensus politics win out over strong leadership. An iron lady explosion is only narrowly avoided after Holmes probes Thatcher on David Lange’s comment that meeting her was like being addressed by a Nazi orator.

We still have in our party some amazingly snobby people who come from backgrounds that have governed the Tory party for a thousand years. So when the daughter of a greengrocer became the leader of the party, that is exactly how they treated her. And she was aware of it, and she killed every one of them.
– Jeffrey Archer

Key Cast & Crew

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Producer, Director

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Paul Holmes


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