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Hero image for One Network News - Peter Jackson and his Silver Lion

One Network News - Peter Jackson and his Silver Lion

Television (Excerpts) – 1994

September 1994 marked a turning point in Peter Jackson's career. With the debut of his film Heavenly Creatures, many critics began to see him in a new light. This One Network News piece interviews Jackson at Wellington Airport, shortly after winning a Silver Lion at the Venice Film Festival for Heavenly Creatures. Jackson says he plans to keep making movies in New Zealand, and pays tribute to his late producer Jim Booth. Five months later, Jackson was nominated for his first Academy Award. Three months after that, he began Hollywood-funded movie The Frighteners in NZ.

I don't think it'll make an enormous difference because I kind of don't have ambitions to do other than what I'm doing at the moment, which is just to carry on staying in New Zealand making movies. As far as rushing off to Hollywood, I don't intend to be doing that.
– Peter Jackson